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Robbery Lawyer Houston, TX

The fundamental protections outlined in the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights gives you the presumption of innocence. No one is guilty until proven by a court of law. Alan Cohen Criminal Defense values this tremendously and will ensure your rights are protected and you receive a fair trial.

Alan Cohen Criminal Defense has many years of experience handling criminal defense cases in the Houston area. Alan Cohen Criminal Defense has represented numerous of clients facing robbery charges and has successfully achieved positive results. If you are in need of an aggressive defense attorney, contact Alan Cohen Criminal Defense today.

If charged with a robbery crime, do not face the justice system alone. Alan Cohen Criminal Defense represents clients charged with robbery offenses all throughout the Houston area and can help you today. Call the firm at (713) 623-4828 to speak with a qualified Houston robbery attorney.

You cannot take any chances if you are caught up in the criminal justice system. It is far too easy to be railroaded, or even convinced to plead guilty when you could win at trial. You need an aggressive, talented Houston criminal lawyer who is well-respected in the legal community, and that you can completely trust to protect your best interests, rights, and freedoms. Call Alan Cohen Criminal Defense today.

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