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If you have been charged with a crime in Houston, hire an experienced and affordable criminal defense attorney. I have over 30 years of experience providing cost-effective criminal defense.

I provide each client an honest and straightforward evaluation of their case and am committed to offering my clients quality representation that is reasonably priced.

I personally handle each case. When necessary a private investigator, polygraph examiner and a forensic psychlogist are available to form a team defense.

Practice Areas

• Aggravated Sexual Assault • Indecency with a Child
• Aggravated Assault • Injury to a Child
• Assault - Family Member • Juvenile Offense
• Burglary • Manslaughter
• Capital Murder • Murder
• Criminal Mischief • Parole Violations
• DWLS • Probation
• Drug Crimes • Prohibited Weapons
• DWI • Robbery
• Injury to the Elderly • Sealing Your Record
• Record Expunction • Sex Offender Registration
• Forgery • Sex Offense
• Theft
• Weapons and Gun Charge

Levels of Crimes in Texas

It’s important to know what your legal exposure is for any crime. The following are the penalties for various tiers of crimes in the state of Texas:

If you hire attorney Alan Cohen, he will listen to your version of events. Then he will examine the prosecutorial case against you, including officer statements, witness statements, and all other discovery evidence. Only after he has a full understanding of the charges against you will he begin to construct an ironclad criminal defense. Contact him today to discuss the details around your arrest.

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