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Auto Theft Attorney Sugarland, TX

The presumption of innocence requires that the prosecution prove evidence of guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. Alan Cohen Criminal Defense will do everything possible to ensure your voice is heard and a fair trial is received. For a skilled and aggressive defense for your auto theft case, you need an attorney who is knowledgeable and honest about your legal options in the local area

Alan Cohen Criminal Defense has proven “outside the box” methods in previous auto theft cases and will fight hard to protect you and your family. Alan Cohen Criminal Defense is dedicated to each client as an individual and aggressively defend their rights, even when others have abandoned them. There is nothing Alan Cohen Criminal Defense hates more than losing and is determined to fight for your best interests. When you are at your lowest point and the odds are stacked against your favor, you have Alan Cohen Criminal Defense.

If you have been charged with an auto theft offense in Sugarland, you need a tough knowledgeable attorney on your side to fight for your rights. Facing any criminal charge is a frightening experience. Do not settle for an attorney that is uncompassionate and treats you as if you are just a case number.

As soon as you call Alan Cohen Criminal Defense, your case will be analyzed, your interests will become apparent, and all your legal options will be clearly laid out. The firm has the experience, resources, and legal skills to help you understand your unique situation and the options you have. Call Alan Cohen Criminal Defense at (713) 623-4828 and request a consultation today.

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